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Why vote?

11 . 1 . 2018

With elections only a few short days away, I feel compelled to write why I vote.

I am an immigrant who CHOSE to become an American citizen. It is a privilege to call America home.

Over the last few years, I noticed a decline in humanity, common courtesy, compassion, and kindness in this great country.

Not when disaster strikes. When disaster strikes, all of a sudden, there is no color, race, religion, or political affiliation. When disaster strikes, this great nation bands together like no other. To me, this means, there is so much goodness in everybody and when we, the human race, comes together for a common goal – to help others – we shine. We put our pettiness aside. We don’t care if people agree with our opinions and viewpoints, or not. When disaster strikes, we are no longer a divided nation. When disaster strikes, WE ARE ONE!

Yet, after a disaster is over, immediately the lines are drawn again. It has become an ‘Either you are with me, or you are against me’ kind of state of mind. This great nation is getting more and more divided if we, each one of us, don’t start changing. This great nation was built by immigrants and compromises to give EQUALITY, to have a chance for EVERYBODY to prosper and be happy.

10+ years ago I made a choice. I CHOOSE to become an American citizen. I CHOOSE to accept not only the rights and privileges attached with the US citizenship, I also CHOOSE to accept my responsibilities as a citizen of the (still) greatest country in the world.        Part of this responsibility is my duty to vote. It is the duty of every single American. After all, it states – WE THE PEOPLE – … Not – WE, THE SELECT FEW AND ENTITLED – …Our forefathers gave us the RIGHT TO VOTE.

I am registered to vote.

I am voting for the BEST PERSON for the job.

I am voting for the candidate who is looking out for the greater good of our country and not for his/her personal gain.

I am voting for the candidate who has the American people at heart and wants to find real solutions for the issues causing so much hardship in our country.

I am not voting for what is in the parenthesis behind their name. That would make me ignorant and part of the problem.

I am not voting for the person who screams the loudest and scares more people. That would make me a part of the problem.

I am not voting for the person who follows blindly along with their party’s rhetoric and looking to feed his/her own ego. That would make me a part of the problem.

When it comes to voting, do your due diligence. Do your homework. Learn about he candidates and the issues at hand. Look at your values and what’s important to you. Look at their agendas, history, qualifications, etc. Essentially, YOU are the boss looking to hire the best person for the position. If you needed heart surgery, would you seek out the best qualified doctor or would a plumber do? It is no different when it comes to voting for our government officials! The taxes you pay, are paying for their salary. Shouldn’t your hard-earned money go to the best person possible? Don’t you want to get the ‘best bang for your buck’?

Following along with the masses is one of the most dangerous things we can do. Trust me, I know. I grew up in Germany, not that long after the whole Hitler atrocity. Following blindly without thinking and questioning makes us a part of the problem. Following blindly doesn’t make us patriots, it makes us nationalists. (There is a huge difference between the two!) Following blindly doesn’t make your current situation better, it only keeps fueling the anger that continues to divide this great nation.

By not voting, you have no right to complain about what is happening.

By not voting, you dishonor every single person who has, is, and will serve in our Armed Forces. It is like spitting in the uncle’s, father’s, brother’s, grand-father’s, mother’s, daughter’s, son’s, etc. face. It would mean all they have fought for and are currently fighting for was in vain. In case you need a reminder of what they fought for… Democracy, the right to say whatever you want whenever you want, the right for education, for FREEDOM, the list goes on.

By not voting, you are giving away your power.

YES, one person CAN make a difference. YES, as a UNITED States of America, we can truly make this country great once again. It takes each and every one of us to make a conscious effort. An effort to be kind, generous, understanding, compassionate, forgiving, loving, and remembering our humanity.

Please, vote for the best candidate not by their party affiliation, but by their merits.

Your vote matters because you matter.

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