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Skip New Year’s Resolutions

12 . 31 . 2018

Why? I don’t know about you, but I could never stick with them? For most of my life I fell into that trap. Spending who knows how much money on gym memberships, diets, fitness equipment, etc. Every time, I ended up beating myself up as a failure. We don’t need the beginning of a new year to start something we want to accomplish. We can start at any given moment! A new year doesn’t automatically change behavior no matter how well the intention.

Mindset is the key to success or failure! Henry Ford said it best… “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” It’s all in the head! With the right mental attitude (positive mindset) we can achieve nearly anything we set out to do.

Like most, I wanted to succeed and finish what I started but I didn’t know how to shift my mindset. My negative self-talk generally got in the way and left me full of self-doubt and frustrations. Can you relate? One day I had a realization…. All the top people in the world have coaches!! Somebody who has been where they were and has accomplished what they wanted to accomplish. Hmmmm…. THAT MAKES SENSE!!!

So, I decided to get help. Find those who have what I want and have accomplished what I want to achieve. What can I say… BEST MOVE EVER!!! Investing in myself to have the right tools has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Today, I reflect on 2018. When I look back, I don’t look for the shortcomings. I look at the successes, changes, and most of all… the lessons I have learned that help me grow. There is no point in beating myself up over what went wrong or what I didn’t accomplish. Nothing I can do about it now. It has come and left. However, I can take the lessons learned and move forward from there. What to avoid and what to build on is where my focus is. When we dwell on the negative from the past, we are held back from moving forward and the direction we want to go.

Leave all the negative feelings, thoughts, and emotions behind and only take the lessons and all the good that happened. Build on that.

If you build your new year on the rotten foundation of 2018, you will get a rotten house and it will crumble at the very first storm! Build a solid foundation for 2019 on all the successes, triumphs, and positive of 2018, and you will have a solid house that can weather the storms that may (or may not) blow through.

Sometimes it is difficult to see the good and positive in life. That’s when we need to lean on others. Family and friends are wonderful but too often they feed into our misery by giving us sympathy. Sympathy is great, but it doesn’t help much moving forward and up.

I love my coaches and mentors who point out the obvious I cannot see. I love them for the occasional swift kick in the rear to help me snap out of whatever funk I might slip into. I am grateful for them for always looking out for me and giving me insights from their objective perspective. I am grateful for all I have learned from them and can now pass on to my clients. We are all in this together as we are all connected in one form or another.

So, screw the traditional New Year’s resolutions and instead commit to yourself to get your shift together. Our beliefs, thoughts, and mindsets create our reality.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year and my 2019 gift you the very best it has to offer.

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