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Matters of Perspective

1 . 8 . 2019

Happiness, Sadness, Love, Hate, Courage, Fear, Anger, Aggression, Compassion, Wealth, Abundance, Scarcity, Poverty, Comfort, Discomfort, Health, Pain, Gratitude, Entitlement, Bliss, Contentment, Creativity, etc….

We create our reality. Our thoughts, beliefs, and mindset shape how we experience the world. Stuff happens to all of us but it has no meaning until we attach feelings and emotions to them.

For the longest time, I let my past experiences control my present and zap the happiness out of most situations. Because of what happened to me in the past and how I let it make me feel, I wasn’t open to accept the wonders the Universe has for all of us. I was bitter, miserable, and totally in victim mode. Looking back, it did nothing for me except keep me in that hole. It was a cycle going in circles and I was stuck. Very much like a hamster on his hamster wheel. Running fast, going nowhere.

Until… until I learned it is entirely up to me to change and shift into higher and better gears. When I learned, I am 100% responsible for all the experiences in my life, it knocked the wind out of me. I wasn’t prepared for that truth and that responsibility! How can I be responsible for certain circumstances outside my control? Stuff happening in other countries? What the firetruck???

What I learned is, yes, I am 100% responsible for what I attract into my conscious. Turns out, many times, it is unresolved issues that keep showing up again and again, in different shapes and forms until I get the lesson they are here to teach me. Many times, it has to do with how I react. What emotions and feelings am I giving the situation.

Let’s be honest, we cannot control every circumstance and experience in our lives. However, we can 100% control how we react, what thoughts, feelings, and emotions we attach to the situation. How we react will either move us forward or pull us down. We alone have that power! Isn’t it incredible to know we can change the direction we are going at any given moment?

If you are driving down the road and a roadblock appears, do you just sit there, stare at it and hope it will make way? Or, do you quickly work on figuring out a different route to bypass the block? You find a different route, right? Or, you try to figure out how to move the block. The roadblock in our lives need to be dealt with in the same manner.

It is time we take 100% responsibility for how we react to our circumstances. Get your shift together and create a better future for yourself. Life is amazing and so are you. Sometimes it is hard for us to see how awesome and powerful we are. Sometimes we need help to see different perspectives. Nothing wrong with that! You are not alone!!!

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