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My story isn’t mine to keep

1 . 31 . 2019

There are as many different stories as there are people on this planet. Not two people have the same life experiences. Some have wonderful ones from the day they were born, others not so much.

You guessed it. My story is not one of the better ones. I am not writing to get sympathy. Far from it. Along my journey of become me and fulfilling my purpose, one of my mentors told me: Your story is not yours to keep.

For about 20 some years I have known that someday, somehow, somebody will hear my story. Needs to hear my story. Again, not to get sympathy for myself but to give hope to others. Hope that it is possible to overcome. Hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel (no, not from a freight train). Hope that being happy is achievable.

My journey to becoming me has taught me a lot of valuable lessons. Sometimes it was simply what not to do. Slowly but surely, I dug myself out of the hole of despair and depression. Thank goodness there were a bunch of people assisting along the way. Some in person, others through books, audio, webinars, etc. Honestly, I couldn’t have made it without them. Some had a bigger impact than others.

Since I knew at some point, I had to share my story, I thought of becoming a motivational speaker. Sounds fantastic… in theory. I mean, how hard can it be?! I have a story I want to share, and I am passionate about it. Reality was, talking to a couple of my friends or a tiny group (2-3 people) was not big deal. The thought of talking to an actual audience… I felt paralyzed and avoided it like the plague!

Until I changed the tape I was playing in my head. As the tape, my self-talk, started to change, so did my desire to address a real audience. What do I need to do to get over my fear of public speaking? Take a course or two! One of the best investments I have done. It was in one of the courses I was told: Your story isn’t yours to keep.

It is truly amazing what positive thinking, self-talk, and thoughts can do to a person! Not to mention, it feels AMAZING! Since my thoughts, beliefs, and mindset has shifted doors have opened I never dreamed possible. Not only have I overcome the fear of public speaking, I wrote a book, and do now on purpose with purpose what I have been doing my whole life. Help people get their shift together to be more and become more.

Nothing lights my fire more than seeing lives transformed by my story and my coaching. When my audience members come up after a speech I do with tears in their eyes because my story struck a chord and they could relate because theirs is similar. Because the tools I share during my speech are easy to do and they can implement them, and they are grateful.

Although I am not a motivational speaker, as I once envisioned, I have become an inspirational/transformational speaker, and a published author. It has been less than a year from making the decision to be me and sharing my story on stage and in my book.
Today, I can honestly say: I am truly happy. I love and appreciate myself. Dreams DO come true and we can achieve anything we desire. All we need is to get our shift together. Mind shift that is.

My story isn’t mine to keep and neither is yours…

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