Garret Goggans

Garret Goggans – Mindset engineer What he coaches:  Garrett is a Mindset Coach, although he prefers the term Mindset Engineer. He believes this falls within the Life Coach arena, but with a particular focus on the beliefs and behaviors of the individual working to adjust the way they think to drive them to achieve their goals. Biography: Dr. W. Garrett Goggans went from being a…

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Tiffany Cox

Tiffany Cox – Marketing Coach Her passion is helping small businesses succeed.  Marketing tools, concept and algorithms constantly change and it can be confusing for a small business owner to know where to even get started. She helps her clients learn the in’s and out’s of tangible and real world marketing practices that they can put in place NOW in order to move their business…

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Tara Hall

Tara Hall – Life Coach As a result of her success coaching, individuals who are not sure, confused or stuck in life, gain not only clarity but also confidence when it comes to their next right move! Tara is a result-oriented coach who provides great accountability. BOOK A FREE CALL

Renee Sinning

Renee Sinning – Life Coach Renee helps struggling teenagers manage stress, overwhelm and pressure so they can become self-confident, motivated, and engaged in all areas of their life. She also offers parent support. BOOK A FREE CALL

Misty Cogdill

Misty Cogdill – Life Coach “Handwriting is a a slice of the pie, it’s not the whole pie but it’s an important slice and it’s my favorite slice!” Misty Cogdill is passionate about handwriting. Her alphabet alchemy is an intensive program that will change your life. Your handwriting is a graphic representation of your thought patterns and when you change the way you write, you…

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Kori Gouge

Kori Gouge – Life Coach Kori Gouge is on a mission to guide heartcore men and women to their own inner knowing, wisdom, and discernment. She supports he clients in clarifying, elevating and creating what they truly desire, fostering greater confidence in their self expression, cultivating the courage to go after even bigger dreams, and activating continued curiosity in what is possible for them. BOOK…

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Greg Mueller

Greg Mueller – Life Coach Greg’s mission is to inspire people to discover and pursue what really matters to them, so that the world may receive their unique gifts. The biggest challenge his clients face is that they know something is missing, but either don’t know what it is, or something is holding them back from going after it. This is usually when their drive…

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Donna DeMaria

Donna DeMaria – Life Coach Donna specializes in guiding and mentoring those searching for solutions to the many questions that substance abuse/addiction can reveal. If you suspect that alcohol and other substances are beginning to undermine your true desires, your hope for the future, or leave you absent of peace and contentment, make a decision to challenge yourself for change. The time is now to…

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Beata Seweryn-Reid

Beata Seweryn-Reid – Life Coach Beata empowers her clients to focus their thinking on their strengths and their capacity to meet challenges successfully when approaching life changes and transitions. Life changes come in many forms. Beata understands that, more than anything else, your thinking has the ability to get in your way or propel you to great success whether personally or profesionally. BOOK A FREE…

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