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About Beenie Mann

MoP Mo and Beenie

“Let Happiness Determine Your Success.”

It’s time to get your shift together! Your mind shift! Beenie Mann is a Mind Shift Coach, Transformational Speaker, Best Selling Author, and the Owner of

Her passion is liberating her clients by focusing on 7 key areas of transformation, including Happiness, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Love Yourself, Nurture Your Subconscious, Mindset, Go With The Flow, and Have Fun.

Most of us live our lives through the lens of self-limiting beliefs, content but not happy. To ignite change most of us focus on changing our mindset but Beenie challenges her clients to dig deeper by inspiring a transformational mind shift. She teaches you how to let happiness determine your success, and break free of fear, shame and societal pressure.


Beenie’s life hasn’t been a walk in the park. She suffered from severe abuse as a child fearful that she might not survive a mother who never wanted her. But survive and thrive she did. In her speech Mindset the Control Center of Your Life Beenie shares her story and how she found the light in the darkest depths. Then, she helps you shift your story in meaningful and actionable ways. She provides you with a Wholistic Toolbox to transform your perspective, and your experience.

Beenie, along with her beloved service dog Mo, is available for speaking engagements anywhere in the world, as well private coaching—both in-person and remote. Her lessons can be used to ignite transformation in any area of your life including Entrepreneur Counseling, Happiness and Gratitude, Health, Poverty to Wealth Mind Shift, Overcoming Core Issues, Happiness in Military Life, Law of Attraction, and more!

Beenie’s inspirational mind shift lessons can be found in her book Happiness Matters: Unleash Your Superpower in 7 Easy Steps with bite-size pieces of happiness on her blog. She has a weekly podcast Beenie Bits and an Align Body and Soul column Beenie Bits. Beenie has been featured in jbCM Creative Magazine, The Networking Diva Hour, and is a regular on Fox 21’s morning series Living Local. In her ongoing effort to empower humanity and ignite transformation,
Beenie gives in gratitude to non-profits local and beyond.

Speaking Topics/Workshops

Best selling book on Amazon for Happiness!

Happiness Matters

Unleash Your Superpower in 7 Easy Steps

Happiness Matters The Show

Beenie Bits Podcast

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