Are you Vacuuming with an Unplugged Cord?


by Brenda Martinez

Have you noticed that there are people out there who seem to have their life together so well that they accomplish and do 1000 more things in a day than you? Have you ever wondered what you are missing? Do you ever think “What’s their secret”? I know I do!! (And yet, I also know their secret.) There are days that I feel like I step out of bed do a couple things and it’s time to go back to bed – the day just gets away. Then there are days, where I’m focused, put together and my to do list is done before breakfast. The difference? I’m convinced that it’s alignment! Well how do you get alignment? You plug in! You plug in to your higher-self you plug in to your well-being – you plug in to what you want and why you want it!

So many times we go through life trying to vacuum the house with out the cord being plugged in – where we are struggling to accomplish everything we do. It’s like we move about, pushing the vacuum around, and it kinda looks like we’re doing what needs to be done, yet in reality we aren’t getting anything that truly needs to be done – done. We all know this feeling, we all know that it’s not really as productive as it should be, but why then, do we not take the time to go plug the darn thing in???

I think maybe because we think there isn’t enough time to plug in. Or maybe we think no one else is plugged in, so why should I have to take the time to do that? But most the time, it’s simply that we are to lazy to take the time necessary to plug in. Yet if we would only stop and think about this – think about the few simple minutes it takes to go over, and plug the cord into it’s source; just think how much more would be accomplished if we “just did it”.

When you and I are in the flow, in the zone, focused on what we want, why we want it, feeling the knowing of having it and going straight in the direction of our dreams – that effort of plugging in makes it all worth it! Of course those plugged in days fly by too, but in a significantly more productive and fun way. Taking the time throughout your day to be mindful, to do things such as exercise and meditation, taking time to learn something new, taking time to walk across the park barefoot – stopping to make time for your family and friends (aka plugging in) Those, those are the things that will make all you do for your business and for yourself simply run in a much smother easier way.

Why do you think that is? I mean, aren’t we supposed to be working hard -aren’t we supposed to have “NO Gain Without Pain”, aren’t we supposed to struggle in our lives??? Ummmm, I’m here to tell you – Yes and profoundly NO! Okay, what?? Hear me out. First we will always have things thrown in our way that we have to overcome – we live in a 3D reality and that’s part of it, those are the times that we have a chance to grow. HOWEVER, if we will simply stop after or better yet in the middle of, and Better yet before it even starts – if we can just put ourselves in a place of knowing, knowing that no matter what “it” is, is exactly what we need to get us to the next step. Then we can come at it from a place of knowing that “IT IS ALL WORKING OUT FOR ME”!!! When we are plugged in, when we are heading in the direction of our dreams it all gets taken care of by this unrelenting wonderful momentum that we ourselves have created.

Taking that time to plug in isn’t a waist of time. Who cares if no one else is doing it? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could get what you want done in half the time, so you have more time to plug in? (The answer is Yes – Yes indeed). So the next time you think, no I don’t have time to take care of me today, no I don’t have time to meditate, to kiss my husband before I walk out the door, to stop and water my flowers – Take a step back and ask yourself – What is better – Vacuuming with the plug plugged in or vacuuming with it unplugged? The choice is yours each and every day. It’s always always your choice. Now I need to go plug in my vacuum and clean my house! (Damn that was cheesy) HA!!!


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