Cheryl Garrtison

Business Coach

Cheryl A. Garrison is a speaker, author and champion for women over 50. Her desire is to help
women regain the confidence to start and launch a successful business.
For more than 30 years, Cheryl has been an entrepreneur and has earned well over a million
dollars from her various ventures. As a business owner, she was awarded numerous Business
Excellence awards. As a coach, she focuses on teaching women the basics of business
ownership and helps them create strategies for success. She specializes in confidence building
and business planning, the two key components to the success she has had for more than 30
Cheryl’s newest program, Bring Her Back is a full-day training program that teaches all aspects
of business startup. She also provides one-on-one business and lifestyle re-invention coaching.
Cheryl wants women over 50 and beyond to live a life of passion and purpose. She created
50Something Lifestyle to help women deal with the ‘now what’. “Just because we are
50Something, it doesn’t mean that we are ready to be done. We are strong, vibrant women
ready to create the lifestyle of our dreams.”


Andi Michele


[email protected]


Office Hours:
M-F 10am – 5pm MT (Denver)

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