Donna DeMaria

Recovery Coach

Donna specializes in guiding and mentoring those searching for solutions to the many questions
that substance abuse/addiction can reveal. If you suspect that alcohol and other substances are
beginning to undermine your true desires, hope for the future, or leave you absent of peace
and contentment, make a decision to challenge yourself for change, as the time is now to begin
living happy, joyous and free! I would be honored to lead and inspire you to unlock your
potential, live your best self, and be at peace as you follow your true desires.
Inspiring others to step away from using substances as a solution to problems has been my
heart’s desire since committing to recovery more than 25 years ago. I came upon this journey
the “hard way,” as my life was absent of a mentor or guardian that cared enough to “listen”
and guide me through life. I always felt that if I had that mentor or coach, I could have skipped
the aimlessly traveled roads and been able to enjoy more of my life by living my authentic self



Andi Michele


[email protected]


Office Hours:
M-F 10am – 5pm MT (Denver)

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