Garret Goggans

Garret Goggans - Mindset engineer

What he coaches: 

Garrett is a Mindset Coach, although he prefers the term Mindset Engineer. He believes this falls within the Life Coach arena, but with a particular focus on the beliefs and behaviors of the individual working to adjust the way they think to drive them to achieve their goals.


Dr. W. Garrett Goggans went from being a runaway high school dropout to an entrepreneur and coach. His passion for coaching has come from numerous life experiences that have brought him to the realization that our thoughts are the single most contributing factor to achieving success. Over the years he has heard people state that throughout their attempts to achieve goals, and obtain success, they always felt like they were going against the flow, or like they were moving upstream without a paddle. He has made it his mission in life to help see that with the proper mindset they can propel themselves up that stream in such a manner that a paddle would never be needed. Through positivity, encouragement, and an overwhelming sense of faith he has helped others look past their current situations and find success in any endeavor.

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