Executive Business Consultant/Coach

Dr. Ingrid Pyka, IBP Strategies/IBP Consulting Services LLC
Dream | Build | Launch. Ingrid simplifies business and marketing strategies into realistic,
attainable steps.
Two-time TEDx Speaker and hand-selected as one of 2018’s Denver’s Top Business Consultants,
Dr. Ingrid Pyka is a veterinarian developed into executive strategist. Her passion is to empower
and support business teams and entrepreneurs as they succeed and fulfill their visions. She
especially loves to work with authors, helping them share their story with the people that need
to hear it. Ingrid is herself a seven-time winning fiction and non-fiction business publisher and
author, and, has been officially recognized for her positive contributions to multi-million dollar
corporations and non-profits.

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[email protected]


Office Hours:
M-F 10am – 5pm MT (Denver)

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