Graphology Coach

Misty Cogdill is passionate about handwriting. Her Alphabet Alchemy is an intensive program that will change your life. Your handwriting is a graphic representation of your thought patterns
and when you change the way you write; you change the neurological patterns in the brain that reflect your self-image. You will learn about the stroke in your handwriting that may be stopping you from success.
She learned about it first-hand after having a different last name for 8 years and going back to her maiden name. She felt very different signing the two last names and wondered why. Thus, she began studying handwriting around 2010. Through watching how she wrote, she was able
to change self-defeating aspects of her handwriting to begin attracting more positive experiences in life.


Andi Michele


[email protected]


Office Hours:
M-F 10am – 5pm MT (Denver)

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