Nina Schloegel

  Nina Schloegel - MSM - OL, PCC


Title:  Transformational Coach

Productivity does not come in a box. ~Coach Nina Schloegel

Coach Nina Schloegel is an ICF accredited professional coach with an enthusiasm to illuminate the possibilities of others and their paths forward.  Nina has worked in different industries throughout her career before becoming a certified coach and starting her coaching business.  Industries such as financial with Merrill Lynch, adult education with Regis University where she was introduced to coaching and became certified, and then worked for the Federal Government. 

All of her life and career experiences have fed her fire to coach teams and individuals of different varieties.  Her background includes working with entrepreneurs who are either getting started or changing direction.  Business support teams at the Microsoft Corporation, first-generation students who begin preparing for college in their second year of high school, as well as the college senior getting ready to embark on the grand adventure of the life he or she has dreamt about since the age of seven.  The commonality of these clients is that these individuals have “lived” in their books, planned their lives in their minds, and danced it in their dreams.  Now is the time for reality.  To create a trusting relationship with themselves and step forward into courage with the next step.  HOW??  They ask. . . They have prepared for this moment; now for a little illumination on the “HOW’ and that is where Coach Nina comes in. 

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