Beth Romano

Leadership/Connection Coach

Beth is a nationally known coach and social systems consultant with over 20 years of experience inside Fortune 100 companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems. Beth’s solid background and commitment to continuous learning makes her a valuable resource to you. Beth successfully works with managers and business leaders throughout the United States to optimize their performance.

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Rená Koesler

Adventure Business Coach

Helping adventurous entrepreneurs take the next step.

As a former professor of Outdoor and Environmental Education, I spent my career inspiring students to move to the next level, take the next step, reach for their summit, and step into the unknown to discover who they are and where they are capable of going. That sentiment remains when I work with business owners willing to MOVE.

As an avid mountain climber for 40 years, I use those experiences of challenge, determination, perseverance, and will to reach each summit. This is the metaphor I use to get people to take the next step.

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Ingrid Pyka

Executive Business Consultant/Coach

Dr. Ingrid Pyka, IBP Strategies/IBP Consulting Services LLC

Dream | Build | Launch. Ingrid simplifies business and marketing strategies into realistic, attainable steps.

Two-time TEDx Speaker and hand-selected as one of 2018’s Denver’s Top Business Consultants, Dr. Ingrid Pyka is a veterinarian developed into executive strategist. Her passion is to empower and support business teams and entrepreneurs as they succeed and fulfill their visions. She especially loves to work with authors, helping them share their story with the people that need to hear it. Ingrid is herself a seven-time winning fiction and non-fiction business publisher and author, and, has been officially recognized for her positive contributions to multi-million dollar corporations and non-profits.

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Cheryl Garrison

Business Coach

Cheryl A. Garrison is a speaker, author and champion for women over 50. Her desire is to help women regain the confidence to start and launch a successful business.

For more than 30 years, Cheryl has been an entrepreneur and has earned well over a million dollars from her various ventures. As a business owner, she was awarded numerous Business Excellence awards.
As a coach, she focuses on teaching women the basics of business ownership and helps them create strategies for success. She specializes in confidence building and business planning, the two key components to the success she has had for more than 30 years.

Cheryl’s newest program, Bring Her Back is a full-day training program that teaches all aspects of business startup. She also provides one-on-one business and lifestyle re-invention coaching.
Cheryl wants women over 50 and beyond to live a life of passion and purpose. She created 50Something Lifestyle to help women deal with the ‘now what’. “Just because we are 50Something, it doesn’t mean that we are ready to be done. We are strong, vibrant women ready to create the lifestyle of our dreams.”

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Phil Bohlender

Business Transformation Coach

What I Coach:

As a result of my successful 35-year corporate career, I coach LEADERS who are willing to develop their unique leadership style. I work with LEADERS, as they begin their leadership journey or as experienced LEADERS, who are ready to upgrade their skills and achieve more career goals. LEADERS who experience my coaching, are likely to grow and develop both professionally and personally.

About Phil:
Phil is an experienced, energetic, and enthusiastic Global Leader with extensive expertise in business transformation, leadership development, and culture change. As a result of his passion for learning and sharing his knowledge and experience, he is an engaging and empowering coach. Phil is the International Best-Selling

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