Janine Bolon

Financial First Responder

Janine Bolon is a Financial First-Responder & Money Literacy Coach. She has spent the last 24 years working with thousands of families, small business owners and corporations to improve their financial circumstances.

Janine is a testament to the power of perseverance. As an impoverished teenager in rural Missouri, she launched several successful businesses before putting herself through the University of Missouri biochemistry program by working three jobs at once and selling all her possessions.

She worked for 15 years in academic and industrial research laboratories before spending the next 24 years raising a brood of four active spawn. In the past two decades, Janine has completed her M.A. in Education, home-schools the herd, founded her Financial LIteracy Firm (The8Gates), has written 8 books and teaches 15 online courses.

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Robin Depies

Financial Management Coach

Learning to manage your own finances is one of Life’s most important skills. When you take control of your finances you take control of your life.
I coach Individuals, couples and businesses to manage and control anything in their life that affects finances. From the basic to the complex anything is possible when you take control.

I have over 30 years of business and life experience dealing with finances and everything that affects finances. I have a passion to help others have the knowledge to make good decisions to make their life better.

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