Melissa Healy

Health and Wellness Coach

18 months into a failing pharmaceutical career, my manager called me out on my ‘passive-aggressive’ attitude during a regional meeting.
With incredible calm and patience, he validated my frustration while letting me know there would not be a repeat occurrence of my behavior.
He then offered to help me turn my frustrated and angry energy to my benefit. He saw something in me worth working on instead of writing me off as just another rep with a bad attitude.

Who are you in this story?

Do you feel overwhelmed, unappreciated, and a lack of control over the daily demands of work and home?

I get it. Once you get to this place, it seems too hard to get through it.

I help clients who are frustrated and overwhelmed shift their focus from their external environment to their internal environment, so they can take back control of their day to day.

My passion for health and wellness coaching was born of over 30 years in various facets of health care and fitness including my time as an aerobics instructor; several years as a practicing chiropractor; and 17 years as a pharmaceutical sales rep.
As a National Board- Certified Health and Wellness Coach, my programs were developed based on conversations with high performing professionals who dreaded returning to work Monday morning.

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Roberta Millard

Health Coach

The effects of chronic pain, both physically and emotionally, can block a person from having a fulfilled life and take them into profound disconnection. I work with various modalities to restore flow so that the patient has a relief of pain or create the desired changes in their lives. We discover the hidden aspects that are causing blockage and preventing the patient from healing or moving forward with life.

Roberta is a master at her craft with the gift of healing hands with over twenty years of workshops, classes, and walking the journey; you could say she is an uncommon healer and lives from her heart. Roberta has broken the pain cycle herself and came out thriving. She understands deep depression, abuse, addiction, cancer, physical and emotional pain all without judgment.
By combining techniques along with conscious awareness (mindfulness), Roberta has created a real balance that clients can feel from their core. It is authentic and genuine ‘knowing’ the body’s ability to release blocks and makes room for growth.
Most importantly, Roberta sincerely and joyfully honors her ‘Healing Touch Pain Release’ practice and considers it a privilege to be able to connect and help others.

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John ThunderHeart

Spiritual Health Coach

John ThunderHeart Robinson specializes in assisting his clients with their “Life Path”. Most people believe their “Life Path” is what they are supposed to be doing for their career and only sometimes that is the case.
John ThunderHeart assists in delving into your souls’ purpose. He brings to light the steps you need to take in order clean up past and current issues.

By using his gifts of intuition, mediumship, psychometry and his expertise in the use of different forms of divination, John has assisted thousands in recognizing their own true potential.
Through his coaching, videos and workshops John will assist you in learning how to listen and trust your inner voice, leading you to a more fulfilling, abundant, and enjoyable life.

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Kim Green

Wellness Coach

Kim believes words lead us, but action takes us to the next level. Take action, explore & optimize your health through a lens you’ve never experienced before and a whole new approach from one of the world’s foremost experts. Kim’s seen fads come and go in her 30 years of experience. Don’t get caught up into them by working with one of the best.

Kim M. Green, Somatic Trauma Therapist & Wellness Expert has helped over 7000 clients & trained new professionals in the field of wellness and her methods for 3 decades. Kim is a pioneer in cutting edge therapies and also knows many unheard of remedies that are almost obsolete, but efficacious. She has a voracious appetite for learning & has studied under traditional mentors & academic professionals with over 300 years of combined experience.

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