Beth Romano

Leadership/Connection Coach

Beth is a nationally known coach and social systems consultant with over 20 years of experience inside Fortune 100 companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems. Beth’s solid background and commitment to continuous learning makes her a valuable resource to you. Beth successfully works with managers and business leaders throughout the United States to optimize their performance.

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Misty Cogdill

Graphology Coach

Misty Cogdill is passionate about handwriting. Her Alphabet Alchemy is an intensive program that will change your life. Your handwriting is a graphic representation of your thought patterns and when you change the way you write; you change the neurological patterns in the brain that reflect your self-image. You will learn about the stroke in your handwriting that may be stopping you from success.

She learned about it first-hand after having a different last name for 8 years and going back to her maiden name. She felt very different signing the two last names and wondered why. Thus, she began studying handwriting around 2010. Through watching how she wrote, she was able to change self-defeating aspects of her handwriting to begin attracting more positive experiences in life.

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Greg Mueller

Life Transition Coach

Greg’s mission is to inspire people to discover and pursue what really matters to them, so that the world may receive their unique gifts. The biggest challenges his clients face is that they know something is missing, but either don’t know what it is, or something is holding them back from going after it. This is usually when their drive starts to wane (even if it’s still enough to exceed most people’s standards). His gift is helping people to discover their purpose and start living it, unapologetically. When this happens, performance improves rapidly and easily.

After a 13 year career in the military and aerospace industry, he made the scariest and most rewarding decision of his life to start a new career in coaching. Up to that point, his life provided him security and significance, but left him feeling empty. Combining a decade of knowledge in psychology, ICF-accredited coach training programs, and a passion for igniting lasting change, he developed a unique system to help people reinvent their lives and career. He utilizes techniques based in mindfulness, somatics, positive psychology, NLP, and other coaching methodologies to help clients identify limiting patterns, create new habits, and take the bold actions necessary to author the next chapter of their lives.

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Renee Sinning

Teen Life & Leadership Coach

Renee helps struggling teenagers manage stress, overwhelm and pressure so they can become self-confident, motivated, and engaged in all areas of their life. She also offers parent support.

Renee spent 18+ years teaching high school math (over 2,160 students!), and raised three children on her own (now 19, 21 and 25). She has a M.Ed. and is a certified professional coach, with additional specialist certifications in leadership, transition, performance and well-being.
Her years of experience raising, mentoring, teaching and coaching teens, coupled with a unique method of research-backed core energy leadership coaching, has given her a unique set of powerful tools to help teens become the best version of themselves.

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Janine Bolon

Financial First Responder

Janine Bolon is a Financial First-Responder & Money Literacy Coach. She has spent the last 24 years working with thousands of families, small business owners and corporations to improve their financial circumstances.

Janine is a testament to the power of perseverance. As an impoverished teenager in rural Missouri, she launched several successful businesses before putting herself through the University of Missouri biochemistry program by working three jobs at once and selling all her possessions.

She worked for 15 years in academic and industrial research laboratories before spending the next 24 years raising a brood of four active spawn. In the past two decades, Janine has completed her M.A. in Education, home-schools the herd, founded her Financial LIteracy Firm (The8Gates), has written 8 books and teaches 15 online courses.

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Donna DeMaria

Recovery Coach

Donna specializes in guiding and mentoring those searching for solutions to the many questions that substance abuse/addiction can reveal. If you suspect that alcohol and other substances are beginning to undermine your true desires, hope for the future, or leave you absent of peace and contentment, make a decision to challenge yourself for change, as the time is now to begin living happy, joyous and free! I would be honored to lead and inspire you to unlock your potential, live your best self, and be at peace as you follow your true desires.

Inspiring others to step away from using substances as a solution to problems has been my heart’s desire since committing to recovery more than 25 years ago. I came upon this journey the “hard way,” as my life was absent of a mentor or guardian that cared enough to “listen” and guide me through life. I always felt that if I had that mentor or coach, I could have skipped the aimlessly traveled roads and been able to enjoy more of my life by living my authentic self sooner.

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Melissa Healy

Health and Wellness Coach

18 months into a failing pharmaceutical career, my manager called me out on my ‘passive-aggressive’ attitude during a regional meeting.
With incredible calm and patience, he validated my frustration while letting me know there would not be a repeat occurrence of my behavior.
He then offered to help me turn my frustrated and angry energy to my benefit. He saw something in me worth working on instead of writing me off as just another rep with a bad attitude.

Who are you in this story?

Do you feel overwhelmed, unappreciated, and a lack of control over the daily demands of work and home?

I get it. Once you get to this place, it seems too hard to get through it.

I help clients who are frustrated and overwhelmed shift their focus from their external environment to their internal environment, so they can take back control of their day to day.

My passion for health and wellness coaching was born of over 30 years in various facets of health care and fitness including my time as an aerobics instructor; several years as a practicing chiropractor; and 17 years as a pharmaceutical sales rep.
As a National Board- Certified Health and Wellness Coach, my programs were developed based on conversations with high performing professionals who dreaded returning to work Monday morning.

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Andi Michele

Soul Restoration Specialist

Andi Michele is an author, leader, connector, real estate advisor and speaker. She has always sought to see the best in all people and contribute to the world in a positive way. Andi found writing to be a cathartic practice during her awakening and never stopped. She then began to share her knowledge with others. To write, coach/teach and speak have become Andi’s life purpose.

A self-proclaimed transformational junkie Andi brings both her own experiences and practices from today’s transformational leaders to her clients. She has developed tools and practices that give her clients tangible steps to transform their lives and embrace their own greatness.
Excited about the development of her latest project: The F.A.A.S.T Method; a book and series of workshops. She aims to help women rediscover who they are and who they want to be.

As a Colorado native, Andi loves the mountains, long hikes, fishing and any time near nature or traveling. She also highly values her yoga and meditation practice which keep her connected daily to the flow. Andi has two wonderful teen/pre-teenage boys and enjoys all the moments they share. She has a heart for many causes including: homelessness, education, world poverty and women’s empowerment. Her deepest desire is to travel the world in an effort to give back and give hope.

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Rená Koesler

Adventure Business Coach

Helping adventurous entrepreneurs take the next step.

As a former professor of Outdoor and Environmental Education, I spent my career inspiring students to move to the next level, take the next step, reach for their summit, and step into the unknown to discover who they are and where they are capable of going. That sentiment remains when I work with business owners willing to MOVE.

As an avid mountain climber for 40 years, I use those experiences of challenge, determination, perseverance, and will to reach each summit. This is the metaphor I use to get people to take the next step.

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Robin Depies

Financial Management Coach

Learning to manage your own finances is one of Life’s most important skills. When you take control of your finances you take control of your life.
I coach Individuals, couples and businesses to manage and control anything in their life that affects finances. From the basic to the complex anything is possible when you take control.

I have over 30 years of business and life experience dealing with finances and everything that affects finances. I have a passion to help others have the knowledge to make good decisions to make their life better.

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