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The effects of chronic pain, both physically and emotionally, can block a person from having a fulfilled life and take them into profound disconnection. I work with various modalities to restore flow so that the patient has a relief of pain or create the desired changes in their lives.
We discover the hidden aspects that are causing blockage and preventing the patient from healing or moving forward with life.

Roberta is a master at her craft with the gift of healing hands with over twenty years of
workshops, classes, and walking the journey; you could say she is an uncommon healer and lives from her heart. Roberta has broken the pain cycle herself and came out thriving. She understands deep depression, abuse, addiction, cancer, physical and emotional pain all without
judgment. By combining techniques along with conscious awareness (mindfulness), Roberta has created a real balance that clients can feel from their core. It is authentic and genuine ‘knowing’
the body’s ability to release blocks and makes room for growth. Most importantly, Roberta sincerely and joyfully honors her ‘Healing Touch Pain Release’ practice and considers it a privilege to be able to connect and help others.

Andi Michele


[email protected]


Office Hours:
M-F 10am – 5pm MT (Denver)

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