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“Don’t let success determine your happiness. Let happiness determine your success.”

Beenie Mann

Matters of Perspective offers a variety of Mindset Services to help you achieve happiness, fulfillment and full potential in any area of life. The goal is to identify and break free of the limited mindsets that keep you trapped in unhealthy cycles.

Why Not You?

You can achieve anything you desire, but first you must believe! You must be able to see it and feel it and believe you are worthy of it. If it feels like happiness and fulfillment are available to everyone else but you then it’s time for a shift of perspective. Here are the Mindset Services available to my clients in individual sessions, workshops or in live presentations to your team, non-profit, sports team, or organization of any kind:

Personal Development

Would you believe me if I told you that the largest obstacle to the life you dream of is you? Together we will identify the negative thought patterns that are holding you back. We will develop a system for identifying unworthy thoughts and replacing them with the goal-oriented thoughts that will help you see opportunity in any circumstance.

Entrepreneur Counseling

You have identified a passion and turned it into a business, now what? How do you take things to the next level? You clearly have the skills to get the job done but do you have a prosperity mindset? One of the reasons why small businesses fail in their infancy is because they get discouraged and give up mentally before they have the chance to succeed. Let’s work on how to demonstrate your value to your demographic by shifting your mindset.


Happiness is a human right, not a luxury. Happiness is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength and authenticity. Unfortunately, we live in a culture where joy, creativity, and intuition are drilled out of us at a young age. We are taught that to be taken seriously as an adult, employee, employer, husband, wife, or child that we must behave a certain way—in a way that does not come naturally to us. Over time our nature is extinguished along with our happiness—but you can return to joy!

Dealing With Health Issues

Pain, chronic health concerns, and new ailments are a sign of unalignment—of dis-ease in your body. While environment and hereditary factors play a role in your health your conscious and subconscious thought patterns can create disease in your body.  Let’s do more than discuss the symptom but the cause of your manifestation and work on the mindset and lifestyle changes needed to realign and balance your body.

Poverty To Wealth Mindset

Money might not grow on trees, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle to be abundant. You don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck. You don’t have to work longer and harder or strive for a promotion you don’t really want. Poverty is not a virtue and you should never feel guilty for achieving financial success. Once you open your mind to your unlimited earning potential, opportunity and abundance will follow.

Help Overcoming Core Issues

Don’t believe that you are good enough to be happy or that you are deserving of love or acceptance? Regardless of your past or present your future is bright. Let’s work together to identify the core issues behind your unhealthy mindset and life-patterns. Then we can get to work resolving them.

Law Of Attraction

There is a universal law that connects and affects us all. Whether you understand how it works you are attracting people and circumstances to you. Even if you believe in the Law of Attraction you may not yet have the tools to successfully break your cycle of negative attraction. Together we work to leverage this universal law for your highest good.

Happiness In Military Life

You have made the honorable decision to serve but how do you find balance and happiness in a career path that not everyone understands? Do you sometimes struggle with the uncertainty of your assignments and deployments? Are you a military spouse who feels a lack of balance with your frequent moves and long periods of time solo while your spouse is overseas? Let’s discuss how to see the bright side and the benefits of your unique lifestyle.

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