Are You Vacuuming with an Unplugged Cord?

by Brenda Martinez

Have you noticed that there are people out there who seem to have their life together so well that they accomplish and do 1000 more things in a day than you? Have you ever wondered what you are missing? Do you ever think “What’s their secret”? I know I do!! (And yet, I also know their secret.) There are days that I feel like I step out of bed do a couple things and it’s time to go back to bed – the day just gets away. Then there are days, where I’m focused, put together and my to do list is done before breakfast. The difference? I’m convinced that it’s alignment! Well how do you get alignment? You plug in! You plug in to your higher-self you plug in to your well-being – you plug in to what you want and why you want it!

So many times we go through life trying to vacuum the house with out the cord being plugged in – where we are struggling to accomplish everything we do. It’s like we move about, pushing the vacuum around, and it kinda looks like we’re doing what needs to be done, yet in reality we aren’t getting anything that truly needs to be done – done. We all know this feeling, we all know that it’s not really as productive as it should be, but why then, do we not take the time to go plug the darn thing in???

I think maybe because we think there isn’t enough time to plug in. Or maybe we think no one else is plugged in, so why should I have to take the time to do that? But most the time, it’s simply that we are to lazy to take the time necessary to plug in. Yet if we would only stop and think about this – think about the few simple minutes it takes to go over, and plug the cord into it’s source; just think how much more would be accomplished if we “just did it”.

When you and I are in the flow, in the zone, focused on what we want, why we want it, feeling the knowing of having it and going straight in the direction of our dreams – that effort of plugging in makes it all worth it! Of course those plugged in days fly by too, but in a significantly more productive and fun way. Taking the time throughout your day to be mindful, to do things such as exercise and meditation, taking time to learn something new, taking time to walk across the park barefoot – stopping to make time for your family and friends (aka plugging in) Those, those are the things that will make all you do for your business and for yourself simply run in a much smother easier way.

Why do you think that is? I mean, aren’t we supposed to be working hard -aren’t we supposed to have “NO Gain Without Pain”, aren’t we supposed to struggle in our lives??? Ummmm, I’m here to tell you – Yes and profoundly NO! Okay, what?? Hear me out. First we will always have things thrown in our way that we have to overcome – we live in a 3D reality and that’s part of it, those are the times that we have a chance to grow. HOWEVER, if we will simply stop after or better yet in the middle of, and Better yet before it even starts – if we can just put ourselves in a place of knowing, knowing that no matter what “it” is, is exactly what we need to get us to the next step. Then we can come at it from a place of knowing that “IT IS ALL WORKING OUT FOR ME”!!! When we are plugged in, when we are heading in the direction of our dreams it all gets taken care of by this unrelenting wonderful momentum that we ourselves have created.

Taking that time to plug in isn’t a waist of time. Who cares if no one else is doing it? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could get what you want done in half the time, so you have more time to plug in? (The answer is Yes – Yes indeed). So the next time you think, no I don’t have time to take care of me today, no I don’t have time to meditate, to kiss my husband before I walk out the door, to stop and water my flowers – Take a step back and ask yourself – What is better – Vacuuming with the plug plugged in or vacuuming with it unplugged? The choice is yours each and every day. It’s always always your choice. Now I need to go plug in my vacuum and clean my house! (Damn that was cheesy) HA!!!

What I Most Need in This Moment Is…

by Dr. Melissa Healy – Health & Wellness Coach

Several years ago, I referenced the question, “What do I most need in this moment?” in my blog titled ‘The First Best Step in Improving Your Emotional and Mental Fitness’. In the midst of the current crisis, I find it more important than ever to revisit this simple self-care practice.  It can and will have immediate and profound effect on your mental and emotional well-being.   

In a moment of overwhelm, uncertainty or confusion, asking yourself what you most need in the moment acts as a pause button to your internal dialogue. Interrupting this dialogue allows your intuition, your inner guide, to be heard and more importantly, acted upon.

Jessica, a full-time single mom, is struggling with a lack of co-operation within her team. A hiring freeze at her company has resulted in staff being asked to carry an increase in workload, without an increase in pay. Collective loss in morale, miscommunication and mistakes in documentation now have Jessica logging into her work computer over the weekends to meet Monday morning deadlines.  

In a moment of extreme frustration last weekend, she asked herself, “What do I most need in this moment?” Her intuition was telling her to log off her computer, take her dog for a walk.  However, feeling the pull of the Monday deadline, she ignored her intuition and kept working. In hindsight, she realized by ignoring the response to this question, she had an unproductive and anxiety filled afternoon, even after completing the task.

This week she has been checking in at least once daily, asking herself, “What do I most need in this moment?” and acting on it accordingly.  Somedays it is simply taking a moment to read a chapter of a new book she has started, other days she drives to pick up her favorite local coffee, drinking it while walking around the neighborhood.

As a result, she is finishing her week off on a more energetic note. In an unexpected turn of events, she shared this story with her team on a virtual call this week, and without having to plead for cooperation, has the commitment of the entire team to get all documentation to her by end of day Friday.

Jessica’s story is not uncommon. According to author Laura Doyle, the most effective self-care is to not to focus on what you “feel you should be doing”, but on things that “delight you”.  Asking, “What do I most need in this moment?” is a just one way to initiate self-care into your daily routine.

As a go-to self-care tool, this can be effective even under the best of circumstances and, is particularly critical now. As you get more comfortable using this  simple self-care strategy, you will find it will have far reaching positive impact when shared with others. What DO you most need in THIS moment?

Coaching Partnerships Add Accountability

by Phil Bohlender – Business Leadership Coach

Currently, the coaching industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Demand for coaching is at an all time high with some of the most sought after coaching practices including leadership, executive, career, writing, speaking, life, health, wellness, and fitness. No matter the practice, more and more people are realizing the benefits and value of collaborating with a skillful coach.
There are seven advantages of working with a coach that might very well dispel the best arguments against investing in a coaching partnership. The sports world gives us a reliable and proven model for coaching that brings about successful outcomes.

1. Support
Most people benefit greatly from having support from a coach. The coach might
encourage them in ways that others may not be capable of doing.

2. Reflection
The process of reflecting ensures that the lessons learned are reinforced and retained.
Coaches can share with their clients how to reflect and show them how simple it can be
done anywhere in just a short time frame.

3. Feedback
When people are open to taking on feedback about their performance, behaviors or
actions; they are set up for seeing things in a more multi-dimensional way. When people
own the feedback that is given to them, there is no stopping them in getting better at
whatever they are focused on achieving.

4. Accountability
Currently there is a big movement underway for people to have an accountability
partner. This partnership creates a bond between people who want to succeed at
something and aren’t confident that they can do it on their own. While this might work
for some, the lack of investment will eventually erode the partnership leaving both
people without the results that they worked for in the first place. The coaching
investment promotes ownership at a different level.

5. Growth
People with the goal of growth are more likely to achieve it with a coaching partnership.
The coach will enable their client to find their own solutions and answers, which will
create the inside out growth that is sustainable. Growth is almost always a goal when
working with a coach.

6. Development
Most all of the coaching practices are focused on developing some aspect of the client’s
life or career. The value of working with a coach on development is that they are able to
track progress and improvements. The things people might miss are brought to their
attention by a supportive coach.

7. Focus
People are distracted on a daily basis from some of the most important parts of their lives,
in some cases they even lose touch with themselves and what makes them feel valued and
important. The work of the coach in supporting the client requires them to be focused and
attentive in order to support growth and development.
Many people can achieve a great deal on their own and they are to be celebrated for their
successes. There are other people who would benefit from partnering with a coach and
these seven advantages might help them see both the value and return on their
expectations and investment when deciding to invest in a coaching partnership.

When Circumstances Change… Adjust

Our Story during COVID-19…

We had the official launch for our platform in January 2020 and were ready to go full steam ahead. We were working on putting the pieces together in the background to offer the services to our clients. Open for business and ready to serve.

Shortly after the launch, everything came to a screeching halt as the country was shut down due to COVID.

Realizing people are either out of work or lost income from their business, we understood that now is not the time to fully launch and solicit clients. We shifted gears and created the FB group ‘Move Past the Fear’ which quickly grew, and we now have almost 2,000 members. We also started the FB group ‘Move Past the Fear… BUSINESS’ so our fellow entrepreneurs and business owners have an outlet and support as well.

When the country was being divided due to unnecessary police violence, we started our third FB group ‘Move Past the Hate’.

In times like these it is more important than ever to put humans first and money second. We are here to serve and help people be more and better than their circumstances. We know the money will come but assisting those who need to see there is still so much good around us and providing a safe space to forget about the worries for a little bit is so much more important to us.

All our coaches serve to assist others thrive in any area of life, business, and everything in between. We always put people first. Many offer free webinars, tips and tricks to cope with the new reality. We conducted free live webinars where people can have their questions answered, and all participate in our groups to give inspiration as well as offer advice.

When we all work together on a common goal, we are so much stronger and accomplish so much more than any of us could alone. There is strength in numbers and seeing how much good is coming out of all that is happening is truly awe-inspiring. In spite of it all, there is more positive than negative. More good ‘apples’ than bad.

This whole situation has shown us that now more than ever, coaches and mentors who lead by example are needed to show that we can overcome.

This ‘downtime’ has allowed us to find better ways to serve, put procedures in place, add more pieces to the puzzle, and bring us together as humans as we have time for ourselves to reflect. We have the opportunity to re-evaluate, be innovative, and find ways not just as a company but as people to grow and rise above it all.