Titus Kleppinger

In Oct of 2018 I discovered my Heart, my purpose and my passion. Growing up a 3 part

being meant a Mental, Physical and Spiritual being. Discovering my Heart encapsulated

these parts of me. I am in better alignment with my purpose and able to pour more passion

into it. Studying the greats such as Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, Mary Morrissey

and Bob Proctor, I have learned a lot and have a great deal to offer. My adult life has been

spent in customer service, sales, marketing and business development. Which really helps

when dealing with people from all walks of life. Wherever they are at.


Helping others get from where you are to where you want to be is something I really enjoy. I empower & encourage others to live from their Heart and work in their Flow You can

have a more meaningful life now! I like conversations that delve into mindset, affecting our

actions and habits which in turn leads us to a better life. Transformational development that

works on a complete and whole person is key. Mental mindset, health and nutrition and

spiritual well being, is key to a person who wants to comes from the Heart and works best


in Flow. That person will be a true success in whatever they set their mind to. I am proof.

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