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Let Happiness Determine Your Success!

Beenie Mann is a Mindset coach and speaker who helps her clients define and raise their happiness. The truth is, most of us have not considered what individual happiness looks like—instead we chase the success markers expected of us. By teaching her clients how to leverage the universal Law of Attraction they are able to experience meaningful success, build stronger and healthier personal relationships and identify a career path that doesn’t feel like work.


Matters Of Perspective

If you are ready to get out of your own way and rethink your current belief system, the one that’s not working—I’m here to help! We will assist to identify the core issues that have lead to your current mindset and replace and enhance your current belief system. This goes beyond simply seeing the glass as half full to realizing that there is more than one glass!


Don’t Let Expectations Crush Your Authenticity

Tradition, religion, culture, society, and our well-intentioned family and friends often have expectations of us that simply aren’t us. This leaves us abandoning what comes naturally and conforming to rules and belief systems that hinder our happiness and success. There is a way to balance your role in your community with an authentic way of life. You can have the life you dream of!


You Deserve To Be Happy

That’s right, you deserve to be happy and fulfilled. You deserve to achieve your wildest dreams. Regardless of your past or your present mistakes happiness is a fundamental human right. As backward as it sounds, most of us are taught from a young age to discard what brings us joy. Art, music, dance, sports, and much of what comes naturally to us are introduced to us at a young age—but we are taught that they aren’t something we can’t be successful in so are discouraged from continuing. Even if what fulfills you is not your full-time career, we all deserve to prioritize joyful experiences!


Mindshift Coaching Your Way

Mindset coaching is customized to meet your needs. We can work together one-on-one on a personalized development journey. We can do a one-time in-depth session to help those who are on the path but need to refine things a bit, or can work together in multiple sessions to achieve your goals. We can work as needed to tune-up your mindset when you get off track. We can even work with your entire group, team or professional organization to create a targeted workshop or speech. The goal is to unlock your mindset and limitless potential!


I’ve Been Where You Are

Even if we are unaware of the Law of Attraction or how it works it is a law that connects and affects us all. I’ve been where you are not knowing there was a law I was enacting, and once understanding the law struggling with making the mindset shifts required to achieve the happiness I deserve. Once I embraced my natural potential for success and fulfillment I was able to design the life of my dreams. It would be my honor to help you unlock your full potential too!


About Beenie Mann

Beenie Mann was able to find her happiness through tears and trauma. She grew up in Germany where she was exposed to physical and mental abuse from an early age. She ate to cope, eventually gaining over 350 pounds as an adult. With the combination of gastric bypass surgery, and Law of Attraction-inspired mindset and lifestyle changes Beenie was able to shed both her emotional and physical weight.

Through all of the challenges that life brought her way, Beenie was guided to help others on their path to wellness. It’s what came naturally to her. As a U.S. Army military spouse, she was involved in multiple programs designed to help military families connect and thrive. Now mindshift coaching and classes are her full-time job!

If you are open to possibility and ready to break free of your limited mindset—reach out today!

Mo – the Service Dog

Mo is happily employed by his human, Beenie Mann. He joined her, her family, and his dad Draco at 8 weeks young. (Beenie always wanted one of Draco’s sons given the opportunity.)

The first four years of his life, Mo enjoyed being a pet but was always very anxious when his human left without him. Because of the strong bond Mo has with Beenie, it made sense to train him when the need for a service dog arose. Beenie hired a trainer to train both her and Mo, and as they both agree, she needed the training more than him. After a long year of hard work and training, Mo graduated from his training with flying colors. He now accompanies Beenie wherever she goes. He is one of the best networkers in town and loves the fact that his human gives out more of his business cards than her own.

Having business cards for Mo started while training. Whenever they trained out in public, which was most of the time, people would stop and ask what breed or mix Mo is.

Since most people have never heard of a Hovawart, Beenie decided to print business cards for Mo.

If you’d like, you can follow Mo – the Service Dog on Facebook. He shares some wisdom and some fun as well as some of the adventures his favorite human takes him on.

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