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About Us


Beenie Mann

Beenie Mann is the “Queen of Shift” Mindshift Coach, Speaker, Author, Host Of Beenie Bits Podcast, and Founder of Matters of Perspective. She has been where you are with an unfulfilled passion or goal, seeking out the professional expertise required to bring her goal to life. She invested handsomely in personal coaching to develop her professional skillset but realized that budget may be a roadblock for many looking to grow—so she created an easier alternative!

Matters of Perspective is unique in that it is the only coaching website of its kind, providing access to personalized coaching from a variety of experts from around the world. Unparalleled quality from hand-selected coaches with packages to meet a variety of needs!

Reach out now to book Beenie for a live speaking workshop.

Connect with Beenie on social media, visit her on YouTube, view her TV appearances, or listen to the Beenie Bits Podcast now.

A Bit More About Beenie

Beenie Mann was able to find her happiness through tears and trauma. She grew up in Germany where she was exposed to physical and mental abuse from an early age. She ate to cope, eventually gaining over 350 pounds as an adult. With the combination of gastric bypass surgery, and Law of Attraction-inspired mindset and lifestyle changes Beenie was able to shed both her emotional and physical weight.

Through all the challenges that life brought her way, Beenie was guided to help others on their path to wellness. It’s what came naturally to her. As a U.S. Army military spouse, she was involved in multiple programs designed to help military families connect and thrive. Now Mindshift coaching and speaking are her full-time job!

The Bigger Vision

Beenie and her team are visionaries committed to giving back and spreading more light in the world. As Matter of Perspective grows we will increase our outreach to include connecting people in powerful new ways, supporting our veterans, and increasing awareness of animal welfare.

We’ll keep you apprised of our progress!

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