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What is QHHT®?

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® was created by Dolores Cannon over 50 years ago. This technique allows us to access a part of ourselves that holds all the answers. Some people call this the Higher Self, the Over Soul, or the Super Conscious. Through QHHT®, clients gain a much clearer understanding of why things are the way they are in their life — and therefore, can ultimately create change within themselves. When we understand why certain things are the way they are, we can create lasting changes to achieve happiness and the life we desire.

Why we are excited about QHHT®

QHHT® reaches the most profound level of hypnosis, known as the Somnambulistic trance. This state typically occurs twice daily: upon nearing wakefulness and sleep. Many hypnotists avoid working within this depth due to its complexity or their inability to access it. It can unveil phenomena like past life memories, making it a realm of both intrigue and caution. Dolores Cannon’s bold exploration into these uncharted territories has solidified her status as a trailblazer in past life regression, guiding future QHHT® practitioners through her innovative training programs.

Nearly five decades ago, Dolores Cannon embarked on a journey to explore reincarnation and sacred wisdom by refining her QHHT® technique. This method silences the conscious mind’s distractions, facilitating access to the boundless knowledge within the Somnambulistic state and proving the feasibility of temporal voyages to experience past incarnations.

QHHT® serves as a conduit to our all-knowing essence, variously referred to as The Higher Self, The Oversoul, or simply the Soul. Despite our amnesia regarding previous existences and our soul’s origins upon Earthly incarnation, QHHT® offers a universal bridge to what Cannon termed The Subconscious, or The SC. This profound aspect of our being, constantly in communion with The Source or God, possesses infinite wisdom and healing capabilities. It can unearth the roots of mental and physical issues, whether they stem from past life traumas or current life lessons, providing tailored guidance for each soul’s journey.

Dolores Cannon’s pioneering work with QHHT® has uncovered a wealth of hidden knowledge and insights, culminating in the publication of 19 exceptional books. These works span a wide range of metaphysical topics, including historical figures like Jesus and Nostradamus, extraterrestrial life, UFOs, the genesis of existence, and the ultimate creator. Through her contributions, Cannon has left an indelible mark on the field of metaphysical research and healing.

Dolores Cannon's Definition of the Subconscious

Dolores Cannon’s innovative approach to exploring the deeper realms of human consciousness diverges from traditional medical and psychological concepts. She chose the term “Subconscious” to describe a part of human consciousness that is elusive, transcending the conscious mind while also including it. This “Subconscious” is believed to exist at a profound, all-knowing level, beyond our everyday conscious thoughts used for work and interpersonal interactions.

Throughout history, various spiritual and religious figures have referred to this concept using different names such as The Oversoul, Christ Consciousness, Higher Consciousness, the Universal Mind, and Oneness with Source. According to Cannon, the specific terminology used to describe this entity is less important than its existence and willingness to assist those who genuinely seek its guidance.

During a QHHT® session, engaging with the Subconscious can lead to significant changes in energy levels, enhancing feelings of love and joy among the subject, practitioner, and observers. The focus of Cannon and QHHT® practitioners has always been the well-being of their subjects, leveraging the Subconscious’s comprehensive knowledge for healing and discovery.

QHHT® practitioners facilitate the revelation of information hidden from the subject’s conscious awareness to aid in healing and identifying the roots of mental, physical ailments, and fears. The Subconscious, inherently connected to the soul, provides only the most beneficial information for the individual’s needs, considering the entire context of their being, including past life influences.

In an era marked by rapid shifts in consciousness and the merging of scientific and spiritual methodologies, the concept of a greater self and the recognition of the Subconscious as an omniscient entity are gaining acceptance. The spread of ideas online has accelerated the integration of such concepts, with QHHT® emerging as a unique tool in psychological, medical, and spiritual healing practices. An open-minded approach is crucial for practitioners to grasp and apply these concepts, challenging conventional beliefs and education.

The principle of conscious creation aligns with Quantum Physics, suggesting that our thoughts, as energy projections, materialize in the physical world, carrying positive or negative outcomes. This perspective holds individuals accountable for their actions, promoting a progressive and enlightened way of living. By adopting QHHT® and embracing new ideas alongside existing beliefs, practitioners can achieve profound breakthroughs in consciousness, benefitting both themselves and those they assist.

Possibilities of QHHT®

During a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) session, once the Subconscious (SC) is reached, the practitioner inquires about the origins and explanations for any issues, asking if healing is allowed and feasible. If the SC consents, healing occurs immediately without the need for drugs, discomfort, or surgery. Often, just uncovering the root cause of a physical or psychological issue by the SC can lead to a significant relief in the client, liberating them from their conditions.

This method has led to numerous healings among Dolores Cannon’s clients, who expressed their gratitude through years of correspondence. Motivated by these outcomes, Cannon started teaching QHHT® in 2002 to spread this knowledge and empower others to help as many people as possible. By 2013, she made her Level 1 QHHT® Class accessible online, allowing for broader learning opportunities. However, for healing to take place, the individual must desire it, and it must not contradict the life lessons or pre-birth agreements intended for their soul’s evolution. Our souls, which are eternal, incarnate on Earth to undergo growth through personal experiences. For instance, the SC may refuse to heal someone’s blindness if overcoming that challenge is part of their soul’s pre-chosen lessons.

The SC takes a literal stance on healing; it recognizes when a condition results from neglect or mistreatment of the body. If the individual has not attempted to rectify this behavior and shows no interest in change, the SC concludes that healing would be futile if the individual continues with the harmful actions post-recovery.

These principles underlie the remarkable successes reported by both Dolores Cannon and other QHHT® Practitioners in their sessions, showcasing the profound impacts of this technique on clients.

Some examples:
• Various stages of cancer completely cleared
• Reconstruction of cartilage between joints
• HIV eradication
• Heart conditions resolved without surgery
• Liver and kidney fully regenerated and restored to functionality
• Wound regeneration without scarring
• Elimination of the root causes of migraines
• Restoration of 20/20 vision without corrective measures
• Resolution of diabetes causes
• Intestinal conditions resolved
• Clearance of back issues in the middle and lower regions
• Relief from neck and shoulder pain with causes addressed
• Lung issues identified and resolved
• Skin conditions identified and resolved

These instances exemplify the profound impact of QHHT® on clients, showcasing its potential to facilitate significant health improvements.

Sabine's Personal Experience

Embarking on my initial Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) session, I was enveloped in a blend of excitement and curiosity, stepping into the unknown with an open heart and mind. As I descended into a trance, a unique state of consciousness where I was aware yet not fully awake, I encountered moments of doubt, questioning the authenticity of my experiences. However, I chose to surrender to the process, allowing the unfolding of events to guide me.

This journey took me through the corridors of time, where I was privileged to glimpse into several of my past lives. These revelations shed light on numerous aspects of my current existence, answering lingering questions and weaving together the tapestry of my life’s narrative. My approach was one of openness, tinged with a healthy dose of skepticism, yet what unfolded was beyond my wildest expectations.

The session reached its zenith when we connected with the Subconscious (SC), and the practitioner posed the questions I had meticulously prepared. Listening to the recording afterwards, I was astonished by the clarity and depth of the insights received. The experience was nothing short of transformative, redefining my understanding of reality and self.

So profound was the impact of this journey that it ignited a desire within me to master the art of QHHT® to facilitate this extraordinary process for others. Since that pivotal moment, I have been privileged to guide numerous individuals through their own transformative experiences, each one affirming the profound effect and potential of QHHT® to illuminate and heal. This path has not only been a testament to the power of healing and exploration it offers but has also marked a significant turning point in my life, steering me towards a purposeful calling of aiding others in their quest for understanding and growth.

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