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We are looking for REAL stories from REAL people.
You don’t need to be a hero, or a genius,
or even the trendiest startup wizard –
we want you to share your awesome story with us!

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submission details.

Season 2 starts Friday, 8/12/22!!!

Have you ever dreamed about writing a book?
Have an impact and make a difference?
Be a part of something big?

If you’ve been thinking about writing, why not start with a short story?
It’s less daunting and far more fun to write.

Share your story with our readers.
Whether it’s about conquering your fears, overcoming obstacles, helping others, sharing how you’ve been able to remain positive and inspiring, or just about something that made you laugh…
we want to hear it in 1400 words or less!

Click HERE
for the story guidelines and 
submission details.

20% of all proceeds are being donated to Aedyn’s Backpack Club to fight bullying and spread kindness.

What sharing your story can do...

Share your story!

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