Story Guidelines

Happiness Matters

Happiness Matters is about people from all walks of life having and overcoming ordinary and not so ordinary experiences. The stories in the book are to inspire, encourage, motivate, and even give some chuckles.

What we are looking for:

      • a story that is funny, heartwarming, or/and exciting
      • it is something that happened to you or someone you know (with their permission)
      • write in the first person as it is about you or someone you know (again, with their permission)
      • tell your story in an exciting, emotion evoking way that will draw in the reader with awe
      • get right to the ‘action’ to catch the reader’s attention (this is not an essay where you have to tell folks what you’ll talk about, talk about it, and then tell them what you talked about)
      • speak from the heart, it can be a very healing experience for you. (we do not have to use your real name).
      • Make sure most of your sentences do not start with ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘my’.
      • Keep your story between 1200-1400 words or less. Condense and tighten as much as possible.
      • Have fun
      • Include the name you’d like to have published with your story (can be your full name, first name and last initial, only your first name, a made-up name, etc.)

What we are NOT looking for:

      • a sales pitch, biography, or testimonial
      • a speech, an essay, a eulogy, or anything along those lines
      • a third party story (i.e. as told to, so-and-so said, etc.)
      • collage type papers, letters, thesis, etc.
      • political or controversial issues and topics

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