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Choose the coaching package that is right for you!

We have created affordable coaching packages, that are of the highest caliber and quality required to empower growth. Our packages are designed to support a variety of your short-term and ongoing development needs.

Our Coaching Options

Personalized Individual Coaching

6 months of intensive and personalized coaching designed for those who are ready to dive all-in!

Group Coaching Sessions

Our group coaching package is an excellent way to study as part of the Matters of Perspective community.


This is our one-and-done package where you can purchase individual webinars on topics you desire.

Meet Our Coaches

Here are the shining stars of the Matters of Perspective team! We have a diverse range of tenured coaches who can assist you in growth and development in every area of your life.


Beata Seweryn-Reid

Life Coach

Beata Seweryn - Reid is a Certified Transformational Life Coach and empowers her clients to focus their thinking on their strengths and their capacity to meet challenges successfully when approaching life changes and transitions. Life changes may come in many forms such as relocation, marriage, divorce, promotions, becoming an empty-nester, job loss, etc.

Beata understands that, more than anything else, your thinking has the ability to get in your way or propel you to great success whether personally or professionally. Her unique process of coaching through journaling allows you to conquer changes powerfully and in a much faster way than traditional coaching.
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Cheryl Garrison

Business Coach

Cheryl A. Garrison is a speaker, author and champion for women over 50. Her desire is to help women regain the confidence to start and launch a successful business.

For more than 30 years, Cheryl has been an entrepreneur and has earned well over a million dollars from her various ventures. As a business owner, she was awarded numerous Business Excellence awards. As a coach, she focuses on teaching women the basics of business ownership and helps them create strategies for success. She specializes in confidence building and business planning, the two key components to the success she has had for more than 30 years.

Cheryl’s newest program, Bring Her Back is a full-day training program that teaches all aspects of business startup. She also provides one-on-one business and lifestyle re-invention coaching. Cheryl wants women over 50 and beyond to live a life of passion and purpose. She created 50Something Lifestyle to help women deal with the ‘now what’. “Just because we are 50Something, it doesn’t mean that we are ready to be done. We are strong, vibrant women ready to create the lifestyle of our dreams.”
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Ingrid Pyka

Executive Business Consultant/Coach

Dr. Ingrid Pyka, IBP Strategies/IBP Consulting Services LLC

Dream | Build | Launch. Ingrid simplifies business and marketing strategies into realistic, attainable steps.

Two-time TEDx Speaker and hand-selected as one of 2018’s Denver’s Top Business Consultants, Dr. Ingrid Pyka is a veterinarian developed into executive strategist. Her passion is to empower and support business teams and entrepreneurs as they succeed and fulfill their visions. She especially loves to work with authors, helping them share their story with the people that need to hear it. Ingrid is herself a seven-time winning fiction and non-fiction business publisher and author, and, has been officially recognized for her positive contributions to multi-million dollar corporations and non-profits.
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Joanne Silatei

Social Media/Digital Marketing Coach

Joanne specializes in social media marketing, writing search engine optimized digital content, and organic online SEO. She is enthusiastic about helping everyday entrepreneurs leverage the internet to grow their business and realize their dreams. Born in Seattle, WA Joanne is an avid traveler who currently resides in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
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John ThunderHeart Robinson

Spiritual Health Coach

John ThunderHeart Robinson specializes in assisting his clients with their "Life Path". Most people believe their “Life Path” is what they are supposed to be doing for their career and only sometimes that is the case. John ThunderHeart assists in delving into your souls’ purpose. He brings to light the steps you need to take in order clean up past and current issues.

By using his gifts of intuition, mediumship, psychometry and his expertise in the use of different forms of divination, John has assisted thousands in recognizing their own true potential. Through his coaching, videos and workshops John will assist you in learning how to listen and trust your inner voice, leading you to a more fulfilling, abundant, and enjoyable life.
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Kim Green

Wellness Coach

Kim believes words lead us, but action takes us to the next level. Take action, explore & optimize your health through a lens you've never experienced before and a whole new approach from one of the world's foremost experts. Kim's seen fads come and go in her 30 years of experience. Don't get caught up into them by working with one of the best.

Kim M. Green, Somatic Trauma Therapist & Wellness Expert has helped over 7000 clients & trained new professionals in the field of wellness and her methods for 3 decades. Kim is a pioneer in cutting edge therapies and also knows many unheard of remedies that are almost obsolete, but efficacious. She has a voracious appetite for learning & has studied under traditional mentors & academic professionals with over 300 years of combined experience.
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Kori Gouge

Kori Gouge

Transformation Coach

Kori Gouge is on a mission is to guide heartcore men and women to their own inner knowing, wisdom, and discernment. She supports her clients in clarifying, elevating, and creating what they truly desire, fostering greater confidence in their self expression, cultivating the courage to go after even bigger dreams, and activating continued curiosity in what is possible for them.

She does this through practices in communication, self-expression, mindset, psychology, heightened states of awareness, focus, and productivity, mindful movement, visualization, purposeful journaling, and aligned actions. Her background ranges from being a cadet of the United States Coast Guard Academy to earning a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Intercultural Communication, to teaching communication and identity at the university level to leading non-profit programs to solo international travel and work abroad to coaching high-level clients in confident unapologetic self- expression.
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Monica Griffith

Life & Leadership Coach

I delight in supporting my clients through interactive conversation generating shifts in consciousness while empowering the client to make positive life changes. My clients have the opportunity to develop skills and experience practical tools of focused goal setting, creating authentic outcomes and managing personal structures of knowing. As a result of coaching, my clients discover how to 'overcome overwhelm' and create a life of meaning and significance.

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Certified Mentor Coach (CMC)with the International Coach Federation, (ICF). What this means for you is that I have gone through extensive training and accrued hours of coaching and meet the ethical standards of the ICF. I contributed over 30 years in the corporate world and achieved a Master in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) from Chapman University. As you can see, I love learning and take great pleasure is supporting others in achieving their goals. I believe that each of us have our own answers and deeply know where we are headed. Sometimes, however, we get a little lost along the way. The reason I coach, what I love about what I do, is to support you, my client, in seeing that you have much to offer and I am honored to play a small part in guiding you on your way to a full and joy-filled life.
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Phil Bohlender

Business Transformation Coach

What I Coach:
As a result of my successful 35-year corporate career, I coach LEADERS who are willing to develop their unique leadership style. I work with LEADERS, as they begin their leadership journey or as experienced LEADERS, who are ready to upgrade their skills and achieve more career goals. LEADERS who experience my coaching, are likely to grow and develop both professionally and personally.

About Phil:
Phil is an experienced, energetic, and enthusiastic Global Leader with extensive expertise in business transformation, leadership development, and culture change. As a result of his passion for learning and sharing his knowledge and experience, he is an engaging and empowering coach. Phil is the International Best-Selling Author of two books; 7 ESSENTIAL TRAITS OF COACHES: DEVELOPING YOUR UNIQUE LEADERSHIP COACHING STYLE and 7 ESSENTIAL TRAITS OF LEADERS: DEVELOPING YOUR UNIQUE LEADERSHIP STYLE.
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Roberta Millard

Health Coach

The effects of chronic pain, both physically and emotionally, can block a person from having a fulfilled life and take them into profound disconnection. I work with various modalities to restore flow so that the patient has a relief of pain or create the desired changes in their lives. We discover the hidden aspects that are causing blockage and preventing the patient from healing or moving forward with life.

Roberta is a master at her craft with the gift of healing hands with over twenty years of workshops, classes, and walking the journey; you could say she is an uncommon healer and lives from her heart. Roberta has broken the pain cycle herself and came out thriving. She understands deep depression, abuse, addiction, cancer, physical and emotional pain all without judgment. By combining techniques along with conscious awareness (mindfulness), Roberta has created a real balance that clients can feel from their core. It is authentic and genuine ‘knowing’ the body’s ability to release blocks and makes room for growth. Most importantly, Roberta sincerely and joyfully honors her ‘Healing Touch Pain Release’ practice and considers it a privilege to be able to connect and help others.
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Robin Depies

Robin Depies

Financial Management Coach

Learning to manage your own finances is one of Life’s most important skills. When you take control of your finances you take control of your life. I coach Individuals, couples and businesses to manage and control anything in their life that affects finances. From the basic to the complex anything is possible when you take control.

I have over 30 years of business and life experience dealing with finances and everything that affects finances. I have a passion to help others have the knowledge to make good decisions to make their life better.
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Ronda Courtney

Real Estate/Life Balance Coach
Ronda mentors and coaches real estate agents on work life balance and time management skills.

She has 20 years of experience selling real estate individually and on teams. She published a book called The survival guide to selling real estate.
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