6 Signs Your Social Wellness Needs Work

Humans are social beings. Social interactions are one of our basic needs, and we need it to remain stable and healthy. Yet, our emotional needs and social wellness are often the aspects of life that we neglect. This can play a major role in damaging your physical health, too.

Social wellness is simply the relationships that you have with others, as well as how you interact with them. Remember, it’s those social connections that will sustain you through life’s difficult times. These relationships should be supportive, healthy, and nurturing.

So, how can you tell whether your social wellness is okay or if it needs work? There are six signs that need to hang an under-construction sign above your social wellness.

  1. Daydreaming

Daydreaming is actually a healthy thing to engage in, however, it reaches a point where it has gone too far. If you spend your day daydreaming about the future, thinking about the vacations you haven’t booked, imaging a new home or the fun that’s the come… well, it suggests your social wellness isn’t being adequately looked after.

It’s one thing if your daydreams are filled with fun memories or the memories you’re soon to make. However, if you’re thinking about things with peoaple you haven’t planned, that isn’t imminent… there’s a suggestion there that you need to make more time for those people! Who is in your daydream? Text them right now and make a coffee date.

  1. A Lack of Relationships

Not just any relationships, meaningful ones. Think about your friends – how close are you really? A healthy level of social wellness means having a number of close friends who you can turn to in times of trouble.

That could be family members as well, but having meaningful relationships is incredibly important and a lack of that means your social wellness needs work.

So, it’s vital that you make time for friends and family. It isn’t just about ensuring that you are emotionally available, it’s having those to turn to when you need to lean on others.

  1. Relationships That Are All Consuming

It’s natural for new relationships to be quite time-consuming. You have met someone who gets you and you want to spend all of your time together. There’s a problem, though, if that relationship is all-consuming, you have no time for anyone else.

Your friendships are still important, even though you are building a new meaningful relationship. Your partner also has friendships they should maintain and if they don’t, they will likely try to prevent you from having yours.

  1. Disrespect

You are your own person. If you are in a relationship, whether it’s romantic or platonic, there should be a level of respect there. If you surround yourself with people who disrespect you, then it’s an indication that your social wellness needs work.

Why would you accept that from someone? Do you treat them in the same way? Don’t you have other meaningful relationships to engage in? Think about the people you spend your time with and what type of effect they have on your life.

  1. Isolation

If you isolate yourself from others, then your social wellness needs work. You need those social connections, even if it means having a friend over to watch television.

  1. No Communication

Communication really does make the world go around. It’s the primary method that we have to connect with other people. So, learn to open up and share with others. Be honest and expect the same in return. Take time to truly get to know your friends and family. It allows them to appreciate you for who you are and vice versa.

How is your social wellness?

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