Follow Your Dreams…

We all have dreams and ambitions. Sadly, most of the time we do not follow them or act upon them. We come up and listen to all the reasons why they won’t come true. The worst part, we buy into those lies and believe them as truth…

The result… nothing! Nothing but the ‘validation’ that we, and others, were ‘right’ all along! Nothing but the frustration and sadness of our unfulfilled dreams and desires. We and our well-meaning friends and family talk us out of it because they want to ‘protect’ us.

Does it protect us though? I mean, does really protect us? Protect us from what? Hurt feelings? Disappointment? Failure? Ridicule? Does it protect us or them? Is it fear that is talking? Our or theirs?

Instead of feeding into the fear, yours or otherwise, ask yourself: What’s the worst that can happen? Will it put my life in danger? The life of those I love and care about? Will it do physical harm to me or others?

From there, imagine how your life would be once your dreams have become a reality. How would it make you feel? Would you really care about the opinion of others? What’s the best-case scenario?

Sit with this for a little while! Imagine it! Feel it! Enjoy it!

Do you notice the smile on your face? The joy in your heart? The excitement of what could be?

Hold that feeling and pay attention to all the things that are presented to you to help you make your dreams a reality! Most won’t be obvious wrapped with a bow. Instead, they might be small and very subtle, barely noticeable and seemingly insignificant. Pay attention for they are there!!!

Take it from someone who used to buy into the ‘good advice’ in the name of ‘protection’ and fear. Someone who had dreams but whished them away because of the negative self-talk and the ‘what-if-down’.

Funny thing with our dreams… they never really go away! They might go in the background for a little while or let themselves get buried under ‘garbage’, but they always linger. Every so often the show up to see if we are ready to act upon them.

Pay attention! Follow your dreams!

One of my dreams was to eventually write a book and share my story to inspire others. Oh, there was all this negative self-talk, the doubts, the fear, and all this other junk to prevent me from moving forward.

Who am I? Who do I think I am? Who’d want to hear my story? … Sound familiar?

Well, one day, I decided to act upon the stir in my heart. The Universe guided me to simply sit down and write. In less then three months I wrote and published my first book ‘Happiness Matters ~ Unleash Your Superpower in 7 Easy Steps’!
While writing it, I dreamed about becoming an award-winning, best-selling, international author. Yup, the negative self-talk piped in then too.

Where would I even begin to make this happen? Ahhh… breadcrumbs from the Universe nudging me where I needed to go. People and opportunities were placed in my path. All I had to do, is follow the crumbs and act upon them.

Yup, you guessed it! Since then, my book won 1st place in its category, and it hit the #1 spot in several categories! Since then, I published 2 more books, one of which is by Mo-the Service Dog, and contributed to 4 or 5 others.

Whatever your dream, it is waiting to become a reality! Are you ready and open to see and follow your breadcrumbs? What do you have to lose? WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO GAIN???

Anything is possible!!!!!!!

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