Our Mindset Controls Our Life

Sometimes, we wonder why our life is the way it is. I most certainly have wondered this many times growing up and way into adulthood. Growing up, I often wondered what I did wrong to deserve what I was going through. Actually, I’ve asked myself this question time and time again until just a few short years ago.

How come others who had a similar, or worse, upbringing than I are so happy and successful? What do they know I didn’t? After some research and stepping into personal development, I discovered the thing about mindset. At first, I was baffled, reluctant, and most certainly, very skeptical.

What does my mindset have to do with my life and my circumstances? Turns out, EVERYTHING!

In my quest to learn more, I found out that ‘what we think about, we bring about’… Say what?! How can what I think and feel affect my life? That simply seemed ludicrous to me at the time.

However, watching those who have made it, I decided to dig deeper and give it a try. After all, I had nothing to lose! The deeper I went on my quest to find answers, the more my mind was blown away. Could it truly be as simple as changing what I think and feel? Well, they say ‘the proof is in the pudding’. So, I decided to give it an honest shot.

It truly is a very simple concept, but I’d be dishonest if I told you it is easy. There is so much I had to, and still get to, unlearn and relearn. It is mind boggling how much junk we pick up along the way and believe as truth. The habits we adopt without even paying attention. How much we run ‘auto-pilot’.

Along the way, I have learned, discovered, experienced, and seen so much to validate the power of the mind. As my thinking shifted, so did my life and my experiences. Guess all those philosophers, wise men, and all those who have been talking about the power of the mind, truly are on to something. Our lives really are determined by the stories we tell ourselves.

For me, I kept telling the story about my victimhood. I was so deep in it that I couldn’t seem to find a way out. The result, I got sicker, self-sabotaged myself, had pity-parties, and attracted people who were in the same boat. Clearly, that mindset was not serving me in getting what I truly wanted. Like you and everybody else, I want to be happy, healthy, and wealthy.

Once I started to pay attention to and changed my thoughts, emotions, and actions, things started to shift. Awareness is the most powerful tool to change my life. It is the same for you, too. These days I frequently ask myself, ‘is this thought, feeling, emotion, or action adding value to what I want?’, ‘is this serving me?’, ‘is this getting me where I want to go and who I want to be?’. If the answer is no, I shift.

Our life is a journey. Much like when we are going on a road trip, we lay out our plan and at least know the general direction we are planning to go. On this road trip, if we make a wrong turn or get lost, we course correct to get us back on track. Our life is no different! If the direction we are going is not getting us where we want to go or get us what we desire, we should make a course correction.

Sadly, our mindset often keeps us stuck and we end up feeling like a hamster on his wheel. Running, doing, yet not getting anywhere fast. Small, even tiny changes in how we think and feel, can make ginormous differences! Take inventory of your predominant thoughts and feelings. If they are mostly negative, find a way to turn them into a positive.

After a short while, you’ll notice it is getting easier and easier to look for the silver lining, find the positive, and shift how you think, feel, and talk.

Yes, it takes effort, and some days it will be easier than others.
Yes, stuff still goes not as we plan, but with a healthier mindset, it is so much easier and better to deal with the challenges.
Yes, your life will change.

Trust me, for I am living proof! Some of the ‘junk’ I collected over my lifetime, is still with me. My body is still in pain and dealing with dis-ease and illness, but my attitude about it has definitely improved! The rest of my life is so much better now as well. Our mind can truly set us free!

It’s simple. It’s not easy. There is so much power in awareness! Are you done running on auto-pilot? Are you ready to shift your mindset and change your life?

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